Understanding Window Film for Residential and Commercial Properties

Solar radiation that comes from the sun can be divided into three different components: the visible light you can see, the infrared you fee as heat, and ultraviolet rays, which are completely invisible. Light from the sun will interact with the glass in one of three ways, too – it passes through, is absorbed, or is reflected.


What Does Window Film Do?


With window film, you can keep up to 99 percent of the ultraviolet rays from the sun out, which will prevent them from causing damage to the furniture inside and, more importantly, prevent skin cancer.


Quality window film, when applied to residential and commercial windows properly, can also block as much as 79 percent of all heat from the direct sunlight, and prevent approximately 35 percent of all diffused heat from passing through a treated window.


In the past few years, the technology used for window film has been significantly improved using nanotechnology. This has helped to deliver higher performance products without having to use metal, which may wind up interfering with or corroding satellite and digital signals.


Benefits of Window Film


If you are considering investing in window film for your home or commercial building, you probably want to know some of the benefits. Some of the top benefits can be found here.


Save on Energy Costs


If you are concerned about the energy costs for your home or money, then consider solar control window film. This can help to significantly reduce the total amount of solar heat that’s coming through the windows. The film works by increasing overall solar reflectivity of glass, which reduces solar heat and the amount of ultraviolet light that comes into a space.


By installing window film, you can keep the inside of the structure comfortable, reduce glare, and protect furniture and flooring, along with reducing energy costs.


Increase Security and Safety


Accidents happen from time to time. This is true for homes and businesses. If you opt for safety and security window film, it can help to increase the security of your home or business from forced entry, vandalism, and severe weather.


With safety window film in place, it will hold broken glass together, making a barrier that will prevent any injuries that may occur because of broken glass.


Increase Comfort


Does the inside of the home or building feel cold during the winter but sweltering during the summer? If so, window film is a must have investment.


Adding a single layer of “low thermal emissivity” film can help the interior of any home or building remain comfortable – regardless of what the temperature is like outside. There are some who compare window film as providing the same benefits as upgrading a single pane of glass to a double pane.


Is Window Film a Smart Investment?



If you have been considering window film for your home or business, it could make a good investment. Keep the information here in mind and take time to speak with the pros to know for sure.