Avoid DIY Window Film

Window film, a thin plastic sheeting applied to residential windows, offers homeowners an excellent way to insulate their homes. Home window film is known to maximize a home’s energy efficiency and give it much-needed privacy when the neighbors are too close. However, window film has multiple uses, such as:


·  Helping make windows shatterproof and scratch-resistant

·  Protecting residents from direct sun exposure

·  Adding a decorative element to standard window glass

·  Increasing security


Every window film is different, depending on the thickness, size of the window, and purpose it’s used for. However, most film is applied on the inside of windows to limit scratching and damage. While window film is a solid investment for homeowners, it’s essential to hire professionals at Modern Glass Tinting when installing it. DIY home window film is more harmful than productive – and here’s why.


Window Film Requires Precision and is Highly Specific

Window film application is an art that requires precision, focus, and experience. Every piece applied to the windows must be expertly cut to match the measurements of your window panes. And, no window panes are ever cut the same!


It also must be applied with caution, to prevent air bubbles, wrinkling, and misalignment. If you are trying to apply window film yourself, it’s a high possibility that you don’t have the necessary tools to ensure a precise cut. You must also ensure you have steady hands and complete concentration.

Many homeowners also assume that window film is generic and can be picked up at their local home supply store. However, there are several different types of window film available, and the right choice all depends on the intended purpose of film application as well as the window size, pane thickness, location, and quality.


For this reason (and many more), it’s important to consult window film professionals at Modern Glass Tinting to ensure that the film you’re investing in is suitable for your windows’ highly specific needs.


DIY Window Film Application is Expensive

Taking your window film application into your own hands will cost you more than you anticipated. This is especially true if you misapply the film, resulting in the need for replacement or repair.


Our professional window tinters will offer quotes that include the cost of the window film and its application. In many cases, window film will come with a warranty and the promise of future support and maintenance.


DIY Home Window Film vs Professional Installation

Window film offers your home a lot of benefits, including a cost-effective means of improving your home’s energy efficiency. It can keep out harmful UV rays, add some decorative flair to your windows, and make panes more damage-resistant.


Purchasing the wrong kind of window film can lead to film and/or window and frame damage. It can also result in unexpected expenses. Investing in a professional application from Modern Glass Tinging means that your window film will be free of bubbles and overlaps – and done right the first time!


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