The Modern Glass Tinting Family

Founded in League City as a family-owned-and-operated company, Modern Glass Tinting strives to achieve an expert touch with the friendly-and-personal appeal customers can trust. MGT relies on decades of combined window film experience to stay at the forefront of supplying, installing and servicing premier window film in Houston and surrounding areas. At MGT, we are always committed to meeting or exceeding your expectations, and look forward to being a professional representative of industry-leading window film technology and giving everyone from home owners to businesses the chance to enjoy its revolutionary benefits.

Residential Window Tinting

With residential glass tinting, any type of home can achieve greater energy efficiency and a cooler, safer and more comfortable living environment. Our budget-friendly and customized window tinting eliminates UV rays by over 99%, which preserves your interior from fading and damage while protecting residents from the harmful effects of UV rays. Window film drastically reduces the heating effects of sunlight and can help you achieve reduced energy costs by as much

as 40%. It’s also a stylish and discreet way to create an element of privacy while reinforcing your windows for an extra measure of security and protection.

Commercial Window Tinting

Commercial glass tinting services from MGT help your business achieve greater energy efficiency, protect your assets from weather damage, increase security and create a more comfortable and productive working environment. Exposed glass becomes an issue particularly in the case of office and commercial space, where hot spots and inefficient air conditioning can cause discomfort, lower productivity and significantly increase energy rates. At MGT, we offer a free energy consultation to determine the savings unique to your building, while helping you design a more modern commercial space with the help of revolutionary window film technology.

Decorative Window Films

Window film is an excellent way to add a design element to your interior or exterior through fully-customizable decorative window tinting services from MGT. With its many revolutionary benefits, window film also offers a cost-effective and high-quality solution to company facade branding, privacy, interior and exterior design and an affordable alternative to etched glass. Get in touch with us to talk about your ideas and how MGT can help you achieve a unique and sophisticated look with decorative window tinting for your home or business.

Security Window Films

Protect your people and property with security window film systems from MGT. Smash-and-grab crimes can be all but eliminated with impact protection systems that make it much more difficult to get through your windows. Thicker adhesives and tear resistant material will hold together loose shards of broken glass, protecting occupants and property inside, while keeping bad weather, explosive forces, and unauthorized entrants out. Keep the weak-points in your structure strong by contacting MGT for a free security window film consultation and let us maximize your safety and your piece of mind.